About Us

Madison Veterinary Hospital has been serving Madison and the surrounding shoreline area since 1976. We are committed to the highest quality of veterinary care, compassion, and personalized attention to you and your pet. We do this by maintaining the highest standards of pet health care available, emphasizing preventive medicine, senior wellness, dental health, weight and nutrition management, and client education, while providing traditional medicine, as well as holistic healing.

We recognize the importance of providing medical information and care that is comfortable, comprehensive, and convenient for your pet and their families.

We are a full service facility providing a friendly and caring environment. We ensure that pets and their owners are comfortable and happy with their veterinary health care and are educated on how to care for their animal friends outside the hospital, helping owners give their pet the best quality of life.

Most of all, we understand your pet’s special role as a member of your family and we are dedicated to managing your pet’s health.

Meet the Team

Our History

The Madison Veterinary Hospital was founded and built in 1976 by Dr. John Ouellette. We offer full service medical and surgical care for small animals.  Dr. Ouellette is an energetic, compassionate, and forward-thinking practitioner who believes in the power of the human-animal bond.  He envisioned a veterinary hospital that is animal-friendly and owner-friendly, and where animals are treated with the love and respect that they give unconditionally.

The Madison Veterinary Hospital’s long history of excellent care and patient and owner satisfaction is due to the accomplishments of our attentive, experienced and caring medical team. We are proud to carry on a long tradition of excellence in veterinary care for you and your pets.